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As a subsidiary of TKH Technologie Deutschland AG, we all share the Code of Ethics which our parent company holds.

Conduct toward Employees or Colleagues

Conduct towards Each Other

• We endeavor to provide a work environment that is safe and based on fair employment relationships.

• We respect the rights and dignity of all employees.

• We believe that every employee has the right to fair, polite, and respectful treatment.

• We do not tolerate any form of discrimination, abuse, or harassment.

Managing Conflict

• We try to resolve conflicts by joint talks.

• We handle unavoidable conflict by bringing it forward to the next management level for their help in resolving the issue.

• We speak openly and directly about any suspected or actual conflict.

Data Protection

• We fully endeavor to protect the personal data of our employees, customers, suppliers, and other persons.

• We only keep record of personal data that we need, or which is legally required, for the effective operation of HE System Electronic.

Conduct towards Customers and Partners


• We do not tolerate any form of corruption. We do not pay direct or indirect bribes, nor do we accept them.

• We ensure that third parties working on behalf of HE do not pay or accept any direct or indirect bribes.

Gifts and Hospitality

• We follow our local guideline concerning gifts and hospitality.


• We support legally compliant, ethical competition and observe all laws regarding free competition and market monopolization.


• We select suppliers based on their service.

• We insist that our suppliers follow legal regulations and conduct themselves in line with our Code of Ethics."

Conduct towards Shareholders

Financial Reporting and Communication

• We ensure that the publication of company information – in electronic, printed, or any other form – is correct, honest, and punctual.

• We provide the entire public equal access to honest and correct information.

• We forward all queries related to the TKH Group to the Investor Relations department.

Insider Trading

• We do not trade TKH shares based on insider information obtained in the course of our activities.

Protection of Company Secrets

• We take reasonable measures to protect any confidential information in our possession.

• We do not use any confidential information in our possession about or belonging to other companies.

• Any inventions made by employees or third parties for use by HE must be protected.

Protection of Company Resources

• We use company resources, including all IT equipment, exclusively for legal business purposes.

• We ensure that the company does not incur substantial costs through the use of company resources, such as photocopiers or telephones, for private purposes.

Conduct towards the Environment

Health and Safety

• We endeavor to create and maintain a safe and healthy work environment.


• We carry out all of our activities in line with all environmental laws.

• We strive to minimize environmental pollution and make continuous improvements in terms of environmental protection.