Strength in Automotive Technology

Key Technologies for the Best Progress

The automotive industry is one of our main focuses in development and production. Our sensors, components, and power electronic assemblies can be found today in an entire range of vehicles from a number of renowned vehicle manufacturers – from compacts to luxury sedans. Our product development processes are aimed at working together with our customers in “Simultaneous Engineering Teams” to find powerful and cost-effective solutions. These solutions are then produced by HE System Electronic in high quality and on time. Our expertise includes the knowledge and ability to implement the specifications for functional safety. To have streamlined processes and secure mastery of the required implementation levels even for complex developments, we are introducing Automotive Spice to our hardware development. Our years of experience with electronics on ceramic substrates mean that we can always find innovative solutions that are especially in demand in the areas of electromobility and increasing the efficiency of conventional drive systems.

HE System Electronic makes a hydrogen sensor for fuel cell electric vehicles for a sensor manufacturer. This sensor is a MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical System). In addition to the sensor element, it contains evaluation electronics. This sensor is manufactured in different designs, each one optimized for the respective space requirements.

Today’s generators have very high outputs and therefore produce significant battery charging electrical currents. The silicon diodes used for rectification lead to significant losses of power, due to their flux voltage of approx. 0.7 V, which limit the efficiency of the generator. Using synchronous rectifiers based on power MOSFETs can significantly reduce this power dissipation. HE System Electronic has been producing this type of rectifier with an integrated regulator for a luxury-class vehicle for several years. Water-cooled and equipped with all the features of state-of-the-art designs. Additional modules in the same application field are currently being developed.

The use of electrical power steering is limited in large sedans and diesel vehicles where high loads on the front axle present a challenge. Intelligent mounting techniques will move this limitation to small commercial vehicles in the coming years. In electronics for electrical power steering with load currents in the range of 80–100 A, the main challenge is to prevent electrical losses and remove heat efficiently. Every milliohm that can be saved at the power output stage can be converted into higher possible axle loads for the power steering. That’s where the technological expertise of HE System Electronic comes into play, in the intelligent mounting techniques for reducing resistivity in the load circuit and for efficiently removing heat from the semiconductors. Leading steering manufacturers work closely with HE System Electronic to develop and produce highly efficient and reliable power modules. In this process the use of bare dice is practically a necessity.

HE System Electronic develops and produces ignition system modules for its customers. These modules are mounted either completely manufactured with housings or produced with a high-temperature-proof Duroplast casing. Specially designed for use directly on the spark plug, this material significantly increases the reliability and service life of the ignition electronics.

We have also developed modules for controlling glow plugs in diesel engines. We use bare dice in this application, too, to optimize heat removal.