As a subsidiary of TKH Technologie Deutschland AG, we all share the Code of Ethics which our parent company holds.

Conduct towards Each Other 

  • We endeavor to provide a work environment that is safe and based on fair employment relationships.
  • We respect the rights and dignity of all employees.
  • We believe that every employee has the right to fair, polite, and respectful treatment.
  • We do not tolerate any form of discrimination, abuse, or harassment.

Managing Conflict 

  • We try to resolve conflicts by joint talks.
  • We handle unavoidable conflict by bringing it forward to the next management level for their help in resolving the issue.
  • We speak openly and directly about any suspected or actual conflict.

Data Protection 

  • We fully endeavor to protect the personal data of our employees, customers, suppliers, and other persons.
  • We only keep record of personal data that we need, or which is legally required, for the effective operation of HE System Electronic.


  • We do not tolerate any form of corruption. We do not pay direct or indirect bribes, nor do we accept them.
  • We ensure that third parties working on behalf of HE do not pay or accept any direct or indirect bribes.

Gifts and Hospitality

  • We follow our local guideline concerning gifts and hospitality.


  • We support legally compliant, ethical competition and observe all laws regarding free competition and market monopolization.


  • We select suppliers based on their service.
  • We insist that our suppliers follow legal regulations and conduct themselves in line with our Code of Ethics."

Financial Reporting and Communication

  • We ensure that the publication of company information – in electronic, printed, or any other form – is correct, honest, and punctual.
  • We provide the entire public equal access to honest and correct information.
  • We forward all queries related to the TKH Group to the Investor Relations department.

Insider Trading

  • We do not trade TKH shares based on insider information obtained in the course of our activities.

Protection of Company Secrets

  • We take reasonable measures to protect any confidential information in our possession.
  • We do not use any confidential information in our possession about or belonging to other companies.
  • Any inventions made by employees or third parties for use by HE must be protected.

Protection of Company Resources

  • We use company resources, including all IT equipment, exclusively for legal business purposes.
  • We ensure that the company does not incur substantial costs through the use of company resources, such as photocopiers or telephones, for private purposes.

Health and Safety

  • We endeavor to create and maintain a safe and healthy work environment.


  • We carry out all of our activities in line with all environmental laws.
  • We strive to minimize environmental pollution and make continuous improvements in terms of environmental protection.

We take responsibility!

As a company, we have a responsibility towards our employees and fellow human beings. We also take responsibility for preserving an environment worth living in.

We see legal compliance regulations as an opportunity that we use to set an example of responsible behaviour for a successful future. Compliance regulations are therefore an integral part of our corporate philosophy and our day-to-day business.

We have set out the basis of our actions in our Code of Conduct. This defines binding principles to ensure compliance with applicable laws and internal company guidelines on specific topics. We live by these regulations and assume that all our business partners and suppliers share our understanding of responsible behaviour.

We have implemented a comprehensive compliance management system to ensure that legal regulations and our company's own guidelines and principles are actually put into practice. In particular, this also includes our whistleblower reporting portal. Any person can use this portal to submit confidential and, if desired, anonymous information about irregularities in our company. All submissions are reviewed by an independent ombudsperson. As this person is obliged by professional law to treat all submissions anonymously, the submissions are only forwarded to us without naming the whistleblower. This allows you to report incidents without fear of any disadvantage.

We would therefore like to encourage anyone who would like to report information about malpractice in our company to submit it via the whistleblower reporting portal. We would also like to encourage you to use the whistleblower reporting portal to provide us with information about inappropriate, possibly disadvantageous, discriminatory or criminally relevant behaviour by our employees and representatives.

Every piece of information you provide is valuable to us. This is because you are helping us to uncover any existing grievances or processes in our company that run counter to our values and applicable laws.

Please help us to ensure that we are able to maintain our values in the future. This is the only way we can remain a responsible part of our society and a trustworthy partner for our customers, employees and business partners.

You can find our whistleblower reporting portal here: