Only the Best is Good Enough

Maximum Quality in All Areas

Q"Quality is our guiding principle in all of our developments and processes, an essential characteristic for every high-value product, and a requirement for sustainable company success.

For HE System Electronic, quality is well-rooted in the activities of all of the functional areas in the company, not just a topic for the Quality Assurance department. All of our processes are clearly structured and linked with characteristics for measuring effectiveness and quality. Our development engineers lay the groundwork for product quality, and our production teams then use effective process validation processes to ensure that the final products are free from defects. The "zero defect" strategy, which is an integral part of our quality policy, applies here.

Our quality assurance teams ensure the compliance of our processes with the requirements of IATF 16949:2016. HE System Electronic has been certified under this standard since 2006. Before that, ISO 9001 and VDA 6.1 were important milestones in our quality assurance background.

The fact that we are also dedicated to protecting natural resources is proven by our certification under ISO 14001, which we also received in 2006.

As part of safety-relevant projects in the automotive industry, we also meet the requirements of ISO 26262 and provide you with our experience and expertise even in the early stages of development of your project. Furthermore, we plan to ensure the quality of our processes in the automotive industry under Automotive Spice (ASPICE). We know how to implement requirements for functional safety. To have streamlined processes and secure mastery of the required implementation levels even for complex developments, we are introducing Automotive Spice to our hardware development.