Clever Systems for Economical Engines

Traditional industrial applications are the basis of our company. Our company has grown with industrial fields, which has given us the experience that has made us successful today in areas such as automotive technology and medical. The area of electromobility, for example, benefits especially from our experience with power electronics in the industrial field. As part of a balanced business structure, we plan to grow further in this business area.

  • Train technology: Development of a control device for an electromagnetic rail brake combining a power unit based on DCB (Direct Copper Bonding) with bare dies and a processor unit based on conventional FR4 PCBs
  • Consumers: Production of phase controlled modulators in very large numbers
  • Energy production and distribution: Production of a compact and powerful inverter for use in solar power production
  • Cash register systems: Production of an optical sensor for laser scanners in cash register systems in large numbers
  • Production equipment and drives: Our products range from magneto-resistive sensors to compact frequency converters for power drives
  • Audio systems: Development of ceramic components for power output stages in the kW range for a manufacturer of professional audio systems and production of electronics for various studio microphones for one of the world’s most prestigious manufacturers of professional recording systems
  • Aerospace: Years of production of various hybrid switching circuits for the field of avionics for airplanes from the world’s leading manufacturers

HE System Electronic has years of experience in setting up LED lighting units on ceramic substrates. Removing the generated heat is the key for giving designers the freedom to develop your stylistic elements with minimal compromises due to technical reasons.

Preamplifier for a large-diaphragm studio microphone of a renowned German manufacturer. It is produced by HE to the highest quality standard.

The NF - power amplifier is optimized for high pulse load and fast switching. The module is fitted on a ceramic plate to ensure the high thermal requirements and a high number of operation cycles.

The frequency converter is designed by HE for use in packaging machines. The control electronics are fitted on a standard printed circuit board. The power electronics will be put on a ceramic plate because of the high demand temperature and operation cycle stability. All electronics are mounted on a copper plate (DCB). The module is optimized according to EMC requirements and has a UL-registration.