Precision for General and Intensive Care

Each week HE System Electronic manufactures several tens of thousands of sensors for monitoring the blood pressure of patients in the hospital. Since the sensors come into contact with patient blood, the production of the sensors in a cleanroom with a controlled bacteria count is extremely important. This disposable product meets high demands for accuracy and reliability while also being reasonably priced. HE System Electronic has established a production process that makes these seeming contradictions possible.

Die Fertigung des Sensors auf Keramik erfolgt bei HE aufgrund der hohen Anforderungen an die Keimfreiheit im biologischem bakteriologischem Reinraum. Elektrische und physiologische Sicherheit stehen hierbei im Vordergrund. Die geforderte hohe Genauigkeit an den Sensor wird mittels aktiver Laserkalibrierung erreicht.

Resistor network for cardiac catheter. Production takes place by HE to the highest quality standards within a biological bacteriological clean room.