The focus of our business

Special Values for Our Business

HE System Electronic's activities have two important focal points: the development and production of customer-specific electronic modules and sensors, and of power electronics. In both of these areas we are able especially to make full use of our years of experience in the field of microsystem technology and the removal of heat from semiconductors.


n the field of sensor technology, we install sensor elements based on various systems and by different manufacturers for many different application areas. High working temperatures, aggressive media, and the toughest ambient conditions are the requirements our customers need to meet. Our products range from an exhaust sensor with 1150°C (2100°F) measuring temperature for turbo engines to a blood pressure sensor for intensive care in the medical field.

Power Electronics

Thanks to its excellent electric strength and very high heat conductivity, ceramic is an extremely good substrate for electronic circuits and components and assemblies with high outputs. In the automotive industry electromobility has opened totally new areas for power electronics applications. High ambient temperatures and power requirements often demand design approaches based on ceramic. Industrial electronics also benefit from our expertise in the area of cost-effective production of medium-sized to large series. As a result, the various application fields are complementing each other in an optimal way.