Encasing that Sets Standards

To protect assemblies from environmental influences, we offer the application of PU coatings or a silicon molding compound. Another type of casing that makes it possible to forego a housing is complete or partial molding with an epoxy resin-based compound. Our specially developed molding technique guarantees a reproducible casing that is true to form.

Transfer Molds for the Highest Demands

As the newest encasement technology for electrical modules, we offer transfer molds. A Duroplast compound is pressed and hardened in a special tool around the interconnected device. This provides optimal protection both against adverse environmental influences and mechanical loads. Transfer molds also offer very good copy and replication protection for your valuable circuit. The molded contours are shaped precisely to allow for optimal integration of the electronic assemblies in an overall system. Electrical contact occurs via a lead frame that is encased together with the interconnected device with the Duroplast material. The lead frame is then punched out and the created jumper lugs are then bent as required by the application.