The Ideal Basis for Any Application

Circuit diagrams and specifications are implemented in an assembly with the careful selection of a substrate tailored to suit the application. We use various substrates:

  • Ceramic
  • PCB FR4 or FR5
  • Flex-rigid
  • Film
  • DCB
  • IMS
  • Steel
  • etc.

For ceramic substrates, multiple printed panels with outer contours of 4”x4” or 4”x6” are usually used. PCBs in panels up to 300 mm x 350 mm (11.9”x13.8”), individual part processing, and MID interconnected devices are also possible. Of course for all substrates we provide the suitable mounting technologies that we have available. When a ceramic substrate is used, the complete network is printed in thick layer technology. If required, through holes and track junctions and/or printed resistors for passive or active matching are also possible.